The showcase area is where we like to show-off great looking newsletters, and successful initiatives. The first feature goes to Kokanee Springs Golf Resort. Not only does their newsletter look fantastic, but they are over-the-moon about the results they have seen using MyClients Digital Marketing.

Newsletter Design

The template design for Kokanee Springs is a bold and attractive one, which took into account their current branding, as well as unique considerations that we always incorporate into proper newsletter design. Here’s what our designer Dan Ritosa had to say about this design he created,

The Kokanee Springs newsletter is one of my favourite newsletters that I’ve worked on. The simplicity along with their professional photos make this a real eye-catcher. Kokanee Springs came to us asking for a newsletter design that would reflect their newly designed website and represent the course in the best way possible. I feel I’ve done that. The ‘In This Issue’ links in the side menu make it easier to jump to sections that readers find more important than others. The Mini gallery also fills up the newsletter nicely with breathtaking views throughout the course. Myclients as well as Kokanee Springs are very pleased with the way things have turned out and I look forward to continue providing professional work on their behalf.

Contest Page

Over the years, we’ve learned that one of the best ways to increase your subscriber-base is to get agressive with your strategy. One of the best methods is to run a contest – people love the idea of getting something for free.

Client Feedback

We’re happy to report that Kokanee Springs is very happy with our services:

As we approach our “first anniversary” of working with MyClients, I want to take a moment to thank you and your co-workers for the amazing support and advice you have provided us to enhance the profile and expand the reach of Kokanee Springs Golf Resort. Since March of 2011, when we contracted with MyClients, we have experienced a significant increase in booking volumes as a direct result of the newsletter you design and broadcast for us. As well, your guidance has provided a huge increase to the numbers we now enjoy in our email database. Our database has tripled since we began working with you.

In early 2010, we published out first newsletters utilizing a recognized format provider available through the internet. While this allowed us to produce our newsletter in-house and broadcast at what we initially felt was a very affordable cost, we simply did not realize the results we had expected. Yes, we saved a few dollars in costs but at the expense of limited results. We soon realized we needed help; we did not possess the expertise required to do justice to our product or to tackle internet marketing. Not only were we lacking the design skills, but the hours of effort required to publish and broadcast the newsletter were inverse to the results. This led us to consider other options and thankfully we received your phone call.

In summary, MyClients has provided us with much more than a tasteful and professionally designed newsletter; you have shown us the way (and continue to do so) to successful meet the challenges of internet marketing. You have led us into the “next milieu”. Thanks again.

Terry Gainer
Director of Marketing & Sales, Kokanee Springs Golf Resort