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March 2010

We offer full-time English Language Programs, Training for Internationally Educated Professionals, University Preparation course for Newcomers & Immigrants, ESL Teacher Certificate Program, Short-term Programs, Customized Programs, and more!

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English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

"English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is a learner-centered approach to teaching English as an additional language which focuses on developing English communication skills in a specific discipline, such as accounting, business, agrology, education, engineering, IT technology, and academic learning. Students are also exposed to Canadian business or academic culture and real world communication practice." Students leave the ESP programs feeling more competent and confident in their English communication skills related to their specific profession, or better prepared for academic and English communication skills in an English-speaking university. The courses are free to qualifying immigrants or refugees who are residents of Manitoba.

We are now accepting application packages for our Spring 2010 courses. Please consult our web site at esp.uwinnipeg.ca for a complete listing of course offerings, course schedules, course details, and an Application Form that you can download, print, and submit. We accept submissions by mail, in-person, or you may scan your application package and e-mail it to infoesp@uwinnipeg.ca. Please ensure that you provide copies of the requested documents mentioned on the Application Form. It is especially important to provide a copy of your Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs) test results with your application package. You must make an appointment to test your CLBs with WELARC. Please telephone WELARC at 943-5387 to schedule an appointment for a CLB test.

We are very pleased to be offering a new course in Spring 2010: "English for Business Professionals." Check our web site at http://esp.uwinnipeg.ca for details on this course, which would be ideal for immigrants or refugees with a degree or diploma in commerce, business administration, accounting, marketing, public relations, human resources, or other business-related field. This course focuses on English language and communication skills needed for success in commercial or industrial business in Manitoba and in field-specific academic programs.

If you would like additional information on the English for Specific Purposes Program, please contact the Nadya Alahakoon Program Assistant at infoesp@uwinnipeg.ca, or phone 204.982.1818.

Homestay report: Sergey from Russia to Winnipeg

My name is Sergey and I am from Russia. I want to tell about my life in homestay.

I still remember my first day in Canada. I came here in the end of August and my host mother met me in the airport. First time was so difficult to understand what people are talking about because of my poor English. I could not understand almost anything; however, my host mother understood it very well and tried to help me.

I am lucky having such a good experience living in homestay. Lourette, she asked to be called Nana, is amazing. I never forgot our first dinner which she cooked. When I came to live here, she already had one a student from China, his name is Carl. By the way, he is a kind and nice guy. After that we became good friends.

One day, Nana's daughter and I went to beach, which is approximately 90 km from Winnipeg. I remember it was very sunny and warm day. We went to Grand Beach, which is such a nice place. Many people were there that day. We took some food and drinks, her daughter told some interesting stories about previous students. Also I swam in the lake, so it was wonderful day.

Sometimes Nana, Carl, and I go to a restaurant. Usually we go to a Chinese restaurant or it can be something else. One day, we went to an Indian restaurant. I was surprised to see how many people knew my host mother. Many times I remember that people come over to her to say "Hello". And that day, one man came and had a small talk with her. Anyway, I had a good time with Nana and the food in the restaurant was very "yummy".

Also, Nana has a really good personality, which I really glad about. She tells you about your mistakes if you said something inaccurately. It has really helped me to improve my English. I know how important this is for students that English is their second language.

I think, living in a family home has many advantages, I recommend having this experience if you want to improve your English and learn more about Canadian culture.

I will really miss your cooking, Nana!
Sincerely, Sergey

For more information about homestay please contact Adriana or Ingrid:
- Adriana Glikman: 204.982.6631 or a.glikman@uwinnipeg.ca
- Ingrid Willey: 204.982.1702 or i.willey@uwinnipeg.ca

Visit www.uwinnipeg.ca/index/elp-homestay to read more!

Teacher Certificate Program (ESLTCP)

The students in the current term of the full-time TCP have completed their course work and are working on the practicum component of the program. That means that we are planning for the next term, which will start on May 25, 2010. There are still spaces left! If you are interested in the spring session of the ESLTCP you can download and print the application form from our web site.

Part-time TCP classes are will be starting the week of April 5, 2010. In order to be flexible for students who work during the day, these classes are held weekday evenings. The application form can be downloaded from our website.

Visit http://www.uwinnipeg.ca/index/elp-esltcp for more information about the full or part time programs.

For general enquiries contact Nadya Alahakoon at 204.982.1818 or n.alahakoon@uwinnipeg.ca or Joanne Struch, Program Coordinator, at j.struch@uwinnipeg.ca

Language Partners are Invaluable!

My Experience in the Language Partner Program

Written by Carey Roess

I became a language partner with the English Language Program in fall 2009. I thought it would be fun and a great experience for my future career as an ESL educator but didn't know how rewarding it would be. Most things that we take for granted are new to international students and doing something routine with someone who has never experienced it before really makes everything so much more fun. Like them, it's as if you are seeing things for the first time. A London Fog tea, a day shopping on Corydon Avenue, or a night at the ballet - things that we Winnipeggers take for granted - become new, exciting adventures when you share them with someone new. It really makes you appreciate our city and our culture. The RWB is a world-renowned ballet company but the last time I had been there was in 1994! We tend to take things for granted that are right in our own backyard and being a language partner changed that for me.

I have so much fun with my language partner. She's great! I can't stop planning things to do together. I was also able to help her to plan a trip to Montréal on midterm break. This experience has not only been great for me but my language partner has also learned a lot. We are close to the same age so it is nice to have someone to talk to about fashion, music, movies and even dating! While there are many differences between us it is amazing to see the similarities; even though we live worlds apart we are all still the same. I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on my life. Being a language partner has allowed me to view the world from a different perspective. Things that I have always taken for granted I know have rediscovered as wonderous and fascinating; I feel fortunate and thankful to have become a language partner and recommend this program to everyone.

If YOU would like to be a language partner or know someone who would please contact j.sakuta@uwinnipeg.ca or 204.982.1151 or visit http://www.uwinnipeg.ca/index/elp-partner

Full-time 14-week English Language Program

Our next full-time ELP term begins May 7th, 2010. This program has two streams: the General English Stream and the Academic English Stream. In both streams, classes are held from Monday to Friday, with a total of 25 hours of study and cultural activities each week. Classes are offered at various levels in both streams. Click here to download the application form. If you would like to apply for homestay please also download the homestay application form.

Visit http://www.uwinnipeg.ca/index/elp-14week for more information.

Explore Program: May 31st- June 30th, 2010

Canadian residents or landed immigrants who have been enrolled as full-time students during the preceding academic year may be eligible to receive a bursary for this Program. For more information, please contact the Ministry of Education in your own province and ask about the Explore Program, or visit their website at: www.jexplore.ca

"Le programme de notre université, située en plein cœur de Winnipeg, permettra aux étudiants de mettre en pratique leur anglais dans des contextes réels et de découvrir le Manitoba. Ils participent à des classes, à des activités socioculturelles et à des ateliers dans lesquels ils utilisent l'anglais de façon concrète. De plus, chacun d'eux vit dans une famille d'accueil. Par ces expériences, les étudiants sont en contact avec la langue cible et prennent confiance dans l'usage de l'anglais."

July Intensive Program: Summer English Intensive

  For students who want a short, intensive English program we offer an Intensive program from July 5th- July 30th, 2010. Click here to download the registration form. Register today!

Visit http://www.uwinnipeg.ca/index/elp-intensive for more information.

Student Ski Trip!

From January 29th- January 31st a group of full-time ELP students and international students went to Asessippi for a ski trip. We had a great time! Thank-you to all those students who participated.

Farewell to January Intensive Students

In January we welcomed 12 students from Korea. These students had a customized program including an extra weekly Canadian culture class and extra weekly socio-cultural activities. They were integrated into the full-time English language program and we were very happy they joined us! If you would like information about a customized program please email infoelp@uwinnipeg.ca or call Carey Roess at 204.982.1703.  

ELP on Facebook

  Everyone is welcome to join!
Please add your stories, experiences, and photos to our facebook group.

If you would like to see what our page looks like click on the link below:

Important Dates in March

March 14th is Daylight Savings Time. Don't forget to turn your clock ahead one hour. Last year we had a few students in full-time ELP come to class an hour early.

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. Remember to wear green! If you would like to read about the history behind this day visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Patrick's_Day

March 20th is the first day of Spring.

"Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom." - Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

Your English Language Program Team

Tammy Sigurdur- Director
t.sigurdur@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1160

Wendy Abendschoen- Business Manager
w.abendschoen@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1171

Carey Roess- Program Assistant, Business

c.roess@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1703

Jessica Burleson- Academic Coordinator
j.burleson@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1162

Karin Krueger- Program Assistant, Academic
ke.krueger@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1163

Joanne Struch- Teacher Certificate Program (TCP) & Part-Time EAL Coordinator
j.struch@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982-1141

Julie Sakuta- Socio-Cultural & Volunteer Coordinator
j.sakuta@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1151

Adriana Glikman- Student Life Coordinator

a.glikman@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.6631

Ingrid Willey- Assistant Host Family Coordinator

i.willey@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1702

Liz Choi- English for Specific Purposes Coordinator

a.choi@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.6636

Kathleen Clarke- English for Specific Purposes Curriculum and Instructor Support
k.clarke@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1818

Nadya Alahakoon- Program Assistant for TCP, ESP & Part-Time EAL Programs
n.alahakoon@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1818

Miranda Santolini- Coordinator, Global Welcome Centre

md.santolini@uwinnipeg.ca 204.258.2929

Taremekedzwa Muvingi- Program Assistant, Global Welcome Centre

ta.muvingi@uwinnipeg.ca 204.258.2946

Anna Luangkhot-Immigrant Recreation Coordinator, Global Welcome Centre

Visit http://www.uwinnipeg.ca/index/elp-information for more information or email infoelp@uwinnipeg.ca

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