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June 2010

We offer full-time English Language Programs, Training for Internationally Educated Professionals, University Preparation course for Newcomers & Immigrants, ESL Teacher Certificate Program, Short-term Programs, Customized Programs, and more!

Please explore our different programs and services by clicking on one of the programs or services below:

Register Now for July or August Intensive English Programs!

We offer month long programs for students interested in an intensive English language course in the months of June, July, and/or August!

Our June program began this week and we welcomed over 50 students to this program!

There is some exciting news about each summer program!

For the July Intensive program we have partnered with Winnipeg Technical College (WTC). One of the afternoon seminars offered will be a Robotics course taught by an instructor from WTC.

The August Intensive program has a business focus- perfect for students wanting to enter a Business program or currently taking Business classes in their own countries.

Both July and August programs offer classes from 9:00-4:00pm. The classroom component of the program is also complemented with visits to popular Winnipeg events and attractions on Friday afternoons. Students will also be treated to one evening of entertainment each week. Outings contribute greatly to improved English proficiency and add to the entire summer experience.

Click here for more information on the July Intensive Program or click here for more information on the August Intensive Program. Email Nigel Dixon at n.dixon@uwinnipeg.ca for more information or call 204.982.1703.

Virtual Tour of Campus

Click here to take a Virtual Tour of the U of W Campus.

The Official Cantest

The English Language Program is an official testing site for the CanTEST
(Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees)

The CanTEST is a standardized English proficiency test used to determine if you are able to meet admission requirements of Canadian post-secondary institutions or fluency requirements of professional licensing associations. The scores will also give you some idea of how much additional English language training you may need. The CanTEST measures four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Scores are reported in each of the four areas using a "band system."

CanTEST Information:

Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Location: CanTEST will take place on The University of Winnipeg campus

Room: 1L11

How to Register:
  1. Complete CanTEST Registration Form
  2. Submit registration form in person, by mail, by fax, or by email.
* Registration deadline Wednesday, June 23, 2010
* Late applications will not be accepted and no refunds processed after June 23, 2010.

Contact Karin Krueger at (204) 982-1163 or ke.krueger@uwinnipeg.ca for more information.

Bridge program for Internationally Educated IT Professionals Fully funded for Qualifying Individuals

Are you an Intentionally Educated IT professional...
Hoping to work in your field in Canada ?

This Bridge Program for IT professionals offers:

Language and workplace culture training
Gap training through The University of Winnipeg courses
Work placement in partnership with ICTAM
Financial assistance for tuition & living available

Must be a permanent resident of Manitoba
Canadian Language Benchmark Level 7 or higher
Able to provide proof of foreign training and / or education from your home country
*International Students with valid Study Permit can also apply for this program. However, this program is not funded for International Students and has limited seats available.*

Registration required. Please register by Friday June 4th, 2010
Applications can be downloaded from http://esp.uwinnipeg.ca

For more information or to request an application form, contact the Program Assistant at infoesp@uwinnipeg.ca or phone (204) 982-1818.

New! Summer Intensive ESL Teacher Certificate Program

We will be offering a summer intensive ESL Teacher Certificate Program from July 5th – 30th, 2010. Classes will be daily (Monday - Friday) from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. The practicum portion of the certificate can be completed in the weeks following the program, or at a later date.

Summer intensive fact sheet.
Summer intensive application form.

Contact: Phone: 204.982.1141
Fax: 204.982.1707 or
Email: k.quinn@uwinnipeg.ca

Teacher's Certificate Program

Five years into his retirement, Howard Miller describes that he never expected this part of his life to turn out the way it has - but, then who does? These stories all describe the unexpected turns that our professional choices can make, and the similar paths in which these 3 individuals have found meaning.

Follow additional stories about our ESL Teacher Certificate Program graduates in our next newsletter, or online at http://esltcp.blogspot.com/. For more information about the program, contact Kaleigh Quinn at k.quinn@uwinnipeg.ca or 204.982.1141.

Howard Miller
Howard Miller and his family had hosted ESL students for 9 years, opening his home to 14 students from Japan, Korea , and China before he considered the possibility of teaching English as an alternative career in his retirement. Last summer, when he opened the newspaper and the course offerings for the U of W fell open to the ESL TCP page, the course of his retirement completely changed. After a short chat with the Program Coordinator and other U of W staff, he registered for the fall 2009 term.

Before Howard's retirement, he was the Provincial Coordinator of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programs for Manitoba Education. His 38 year career involved the instruction of Deaf students using American Sign Language as the first language, and English taught as a second language. As well, Howard and his wife, Yvonne Peters, a blind lawyer in Winnipeg, recently celebrated their 36th anniversary.

After graduating from the program, an ESL TCP instructor forwarded an advertisement for a part-time position offered through the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) to Howard that involved working with a blind refugee on settlement issues; he immediately applied for the position. Being hired for this position has resulted in a rewarding and challenging experience, Howard relays that his life experience in adapting for students with special needs, and his formal training through the ESL TCP gave him the necessary skills and resources to complete this job effectively. Now, as he explores the field of ESL instruction and, as his life adventure continues, he says he is indebted to the U of W staff, his fellow classmates, as well as the international students he observed or taught, for their influence in "changing his life".

Bequie Lake
Bequie Lake is a woman who wear many hats; with a penchant for languages, a history of working in international youth exchange programs, and a career as an educator for international development groups, Bequie specializes in the ‘fusion' of many unique skills to meet the challenges of her position. In spring, 2008, she decided to add one more skill to her ever-growing list, enrolling in the ESL TCP.

When this notoriously busy woman was asked why she decided to enroll in this program, she describes that "I've always been interested in languages, and I thought that having the skills to teach English would be a good complement to the kind of work I was doing." Of her experiences within the program, Bequie states that it gave her many concrete skills, including, she adds, an understanding of English grammar! In addition to these specific language skills, the ESL TCP was "an opportunity to make a lot of great connections with other instructors and people in the EAL field. Ultimately," she concludes, "I'm now working with some of the people who helped teach our program."

Where is Bequie now? She continues to don her numerous hats every morning, and is teaching both in an introductory, drop-in ESL program at the UFCW Training Centre, and has also played an indispensable role in the design and delivery of the University Preparation Program run through English for Specific Purposes, which gives immigrants and refugees the opportunity to develop the skills required for success in a post-secondary environment.

Of her work within these programs, Bequie identifies it as "challenging, inspiring, humbling and ultimately wonderful. It is amazing to work with such a diverse group of students. All of them bring a high level of expertise and knowledge to our classes - whether that comes from advanced education in their home countries, or their life experience. It's a big responsibility - as an instructor, I feel very conscious of how valuable the time that newcomers invest in their language classes is - but it is very rewarding."

Jen Glenwright
2009 was a good year for Jennifer Glenwright. Armed with a full backpack and a Central America guidebook, Jen left Canada to spend the next 9 months traveling in Central America. While abroad, Jen studied Spanish and volunteered with local community organizations; surprised at how difficult learning a language was, she decided to start volunteering at with a literacy class at IRCOM when she returned. Jen describes that she was "amazed by the dedication to learn a new language shown by the students in the class", and found herself drawn to helping newcomers adapt and cope with the demands of their new home.

In January 2010, Jennifer enrolled in the ESL TCP in order to receive formal training and certification in this field. Given her love of travel, after completing the program Jen stated that "everyone asked where I want to go teach!" However, she told them "I am perfectly content to stay here in Winnipeg where I can help immigrants and refugees."

And she's doing just that. Still a volunteer at IRCOM, Jen is now substituting at The Language Training Centre at Red River College, and is also applying for several summer program positions. Of this experience subbing, Jen shares that "each class is so different and it is great to get some perspective on what level I would most like to teach in the future."

Jen concludes with enthusiasm, exuding her passion for her newfound career path. "I really feel as though I have found my niche for the moment. I love interacting with the students! They are all so unique and have different reasons for coming to Canada. This is by far one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had... I really feel like being an EAL teacher is exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now."

Full-time 14-week English Language Program

Our next full-time ELP term begins September 7th, 2010. This program has two streams: the General English Stream and the Academic English Stream. In both streams, classes are held from Monday to Friday, with a total of 25 hours of study and cultural activities each week. Classes are offered at various levels in both streams. Click here to download the application form. If you would like to apply for homestay please also download the homestay application form.

Visit http://www.uwinnipeg.ca/index/elp-14week for more information.

Language Partner Experience
Written by Brian Danowski

As a former grad of the University of Winnipeg I was looking for something I could do that would allow me to give back to the University community and mesh with my own personal interests. I have always been interested in learning about other cultures and countries and when I noticed a listing for Language Partner volunteers for the ESL program at the University of Winnipeg in the local newspaper I jumped at the chance. I have had a history of volunteering but hadn't been doing anything recently. I contacted the volunteer coordinator Julie Sakuta and she filled me in on requirements and what the program involved.

To my surprise, I learned that the time commitment was only about an hour a week and quite flexible. Since I work downtown I can arrange to meet my language partners at a nearby coffee shop most weeks. Over the 14 week term of the ESL language program, the Language Partner is expected to meet with their matched partner a minimum of 12 hours. Of course, if both parties agree, this minimum can be exceeded by other outings.

Since I began volunteering last September, I have been matched with 3 language partners. One from Mexico and two from South Korea. All of them have been wonderful ambassadors for their countries. While the aim of the program is to allow the ESL students to practice their conversational English with a native English speaker, the side benefits of the program include my learning about their home countries and cultures.

As well, I can take the opportunity to expose the students to other attractions that Winnipeg has to offer. So far, my language partners and I have seen Moose hockey games, gone on hikes in Birds Hill Park and visited the Art Gallery. Each student is eager to practice their newly learned English skills with me and enjoy any additional outings we plan together.

This term I have a new list of summer activities that I hope to interest my new ESL partner in such as canoeing or hiking in the Whiteshell.

All I can say is that the Language Partner program has opened my eyes to the world and I would encourage anyone who has some free time available and an interest in the world to contact the Language Partner Program for more details and just volunteer. You won't be disappointed.

If YOU would like to be a language partner or know someone who would please contact j.sakuta@uwinnipeg.ca or 204.982.1151 or visit http://www.uwinnipeg.ca/index/elp-partner

Homestay Program
Written by Saori Umebayashi (speech given at graduation).

"I would like to introduce my host family. I have family of four; Rob, Jennifer, Miles, and Jackson. They are a really good family because they are like good family model. For example, they can communicate with each other very much, I think they don't have a secret. In other words, they have a good relationship. And I also have an allergy about food, so I can't eat pork, beef, all seafood but since I came to here, my host family changed their food style just for me. My mother cooks different types of food for me every day. And even thought in Japan, I don't have a father, now I have a special father in Canada. He keeps smiling, and he is very kind to me, and my friends. However sometimes he calls me trouble maker but I don't know why. In addition, my host brothers are very friendly, whenever I talk to them, they always make me feel well. During weekends my family takes me out variety of places, but you know where my favorite place is? My favorite place is to be the couch at my house. Before they had three international students, but they have never slept on the couch because they took care about of this action. May be the felt wasn't appropriate. However, in my case it was natural, after two days I came here, I slept on the couch. And then my host mother; Jennifer said took me a picture, because she was happy. She said that if I sleep on the couch I was feeling at home. I will stay here another 9 months, so I want to stay at my host family until next August. I really appreciate my host family very much, and all the do for me."

For more information about homestay please contact Adriana:
Adriana Glikman: 204.982.6631 or a.glikman@uwinnipeg.ca
Visit www.uwinnipeg.ca/index/elp-homestay to read more!

Your English Language Program Team

Tammy Sigurdur- Director
t.sigurdur@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1160

Wendy Abendschoen- Business Manager
w.abendschoen@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1171

Ingrid Willey- Registration Coordinator
i.willey@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1702

Carey Roess- Program Assistant, Business
c.roess@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1703

Jessica Burleson- Academic Coordinator
j.burleson@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1162

Karin Krueger- Program Assistant, Academic

ke.krueger@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1163

Eriko Isobe-Smith- Full-Time ELP Instructor
e.isobe-smith@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1177

Kaleigh Quinn- Teacher Certificate Program (TCP) & Part-Time EAL Coordinator
k.quinn@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982-1141

Julie Sakuta- Student Life Coordinator
j.sakuta@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1151

Adriana Glikman- Homestay Coordinator

a.glikman@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.6631

Liz Choi- English for Specific Purposes Coordinator
a.choi@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.6636

Kathleen Clarke- English for Specific Purposes Curriculum and Instructor Support
k.clarke@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1818

Nadya Alahakoon- Program Assistant for TCP, ESP & Part-Time EAL Programs
n.alahakoon@uwinnipeg.ca 204.982.1818

Miranda Santolini- Coordinator, Global Welcome Centre
md.santolini@uwinnipeg.ca 204.258.2929

Taremekedzwa Muvingi- Program Assistant, Global Welcome Centre
ta.muvingi@uwinnipeg.ca 204.258.2946

Visit http://www.uwinnipeg.ca/index/elp-information for more information
or email infoelp@uwinnipeg.ca

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