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Winter 2011
Winter is here, and even the cold can't slow us down in the ELP! Our programs continue to run full steam ahead. Please click below to find out what's new this winter! Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and here's to an early spring!


We offer full-time English Language Programs, Training for Internationally Educated Professionals, University Preparation course for Newcomers & Immigrants, ESL Teacher Certificate Program, Short-term Programs, Customized Programs, and more!

Please explore our different programs and services by clicking on one of the programs or services below:

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Full-time English Language Program (ELP)

Our full-time ELP program is designed for learners with diverse needs at varying levels of proficiency. Please read below for more information about the streams and courses we offer!

The Foundations English Stream

The Foundations English Stream is for students who are entering the ELP as beginners or high beginners. Morning classes focus on integrated skills, including communication, vocabulary acquisition, and grammatical development. Grammatical structures and reading skills are the focus in the afternoon classes.

The General English Stream

The General English Stream is suitable for students wishing to develop their English language skills for personal or professional reasons. Morning classes focus on developing oral fluency as well as on grammar, reading, and writing. In the afternoon, students participate in a variety of seminars such as Business English, TOEFL Preparation, Conversation, Writing, and Listening and Pronunciation. Seminars vary from term to term and also depend on a student's level of English proficiency. Classes range from mid-beginner to advanced.

The Academic English Stream

The Academic English Program is suitable for those students wishing to study at a Canadian or American university or college. Morning classes emphasize the reading, writing, and discussion skills needed for academic success. Study and basic research skills are also presented and practiced in the academic stream. Students also work to improve their speaking and listening skills. In the afternoon, students participate in seminars such as TOEFL Preparation and Everyday Conversational English. Classes range from intermediate to advanced.

For more information on the full-time ELP program please visit or email To download an application form, please click here.

Students Find Love in The ELP!

By studying English in the ELP, students have the opportunity to meet new people from around the world (or perhaps from their first countries)! For Masa and Akiko from Japan, their decision to study English at UW had a profound effect on the rest of their lives. Read their story below!

Akiko and Masa

I had taken classes at U of W since May to December in 2002 and Masa has taken classes since September 2002 to August 2003. During staying in WPG, we had own partners. Masa believe that we met at the before The International Dinner party on the beginning of October 2002, but I believe we met at one of our friend's house when Masa's girlfriend dumped him. We had break up party at that time. I was there and Masa and I talked for the first time (We don't remember what we talked about)!

Anyway, we were not very close during staying in WPG. On 2004, Masa came back WPG to take class at university, but he failed. That year, at the beginning of September, when Masa was going back to Japan to start working, I came to WPG for traveling but most of my friends left WPG so I asked Masa to stay and we spent 2 or 3 days in Winnipeg. We visited some friends. Still we were not close to going out, but we became friends.

The end of 2004, I went back to Japan and I visited Osaka to see the people who used to be in Winnipeg at the same time. Masa and I went around Osaka. Especially, we had lot of fun at Universal Studio Japan. During my trip when we had dinner with alcohol, I said, ``People from Osaka are not cool, because they don't visit Tokyo to hang out with me. I miss them.'' So, the beginning of the 2005, Masa visit me to go around Yokohama and Tokyo. This is the first dating for us; we went to China town in Yokohama and Tokyo Disney Land. After Masa came back home, he thought he loves me. So he asked me to go out with him on the phone. I feel the same way about Masa miraculously! In March 2005, we decided going out even long distance. Our friends who used to be in WPG, hard to believe it! After, we started going out, we have not any problem as break up, and because we thought we were going to marry.

Once, we came back to WPG again, when we had long summer holidays in 2007. It was first trip going to foreign country together, and WPG was best place for us. We had met WPG first time; however, we didn't spend much time together in WPG and Masa really wanted to introduce me to his host family and some friends. We visited many places that all we wanted to go together in WPG. It is good memory for us. After the trip, Masa changed his job and moved to Yokohama, because his new place to work was in Tokyo. Then we got married! It was awesome!

About the marriage, we don't change anything. Sometimes we hang out with people who used to be in WPG same time, talk about WPG and once a year we have camping. If we didn't choose WPG to study English in 2002, if we leave Japan before that time or after that time, maybe we didn't meet!

These past 8 years have been most exciting and enjoyable for us. We hope our lives going to be fill in a lot of love and happiness. You may marry someone beside you in class, or in WPG now!

English for Specific Purposes

Spring 2011 courses have sprung in the English for Specific Purposes Program!

"English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is a learner-centered approach to teaching English as an additional language which focuses on developing English communication skills in a specific discipline, such as accounting, business, agrology, education, engineering, IT technology, and academic learning. Students are also exposed to Canadian business or academic culture and real world communication practice." Students leave the ESP programs feeling more competent and confident in their English communication skills related to their specific profession, or better prepared for academic and English communication skills in an English-speaking university. English for Specific Purposes is fully funded by Citizenship & Immigration and Labour & Immigration Manitoba.

We are now accepting application packages for our Spring, 2011 courses. Please consult our website at for a complete listing of course offerings, course schedules, course details, and an application form that you can download, print, and submit. We accept submissions by mail, in-person, or you may scan your application package and email it to Please note that, it is important to provide a copy of your Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs) test results with your application package. If you don't have one, please make an appointment to test your CLBs with WELARC. Please telephone WELARC at 943-5387 to schedule an appointment for a CLB test.

If you would like additional information on the English for Specific Purposes Program, please contact the Program Assistant at, or phone 982.1818.

  Join English for Specific Purposes on Facebook

Internationally Educated Information Technology Professionals (IEITP) Program

"Bringing Together Winnipeg Businesses with Internationally Educated Professionals"

On April 7th, 2011 the IEITP Program, in collaboration with Jonatan Aisicovich and ICTAM, is hosting a networking night to connect Winnipeg businesses and the business community with Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs). The event will be held at The University of Winnipeg in Convocation Hall (2nd floor Wesley Hall, room 2W16) from 6:30-8:30pm.

Why attend?
  • Meet with 40 IEPs with various professional experience and education (IT, engineering, business, teaching, etc.)
  • Connect with leaders of the Winnipeg business community
  • Learn about how professional immigrants' past experiences and education can benefit you or your company!
If you are a business professional in Winnipeg and would like to attend, please contact Julie Sakuta by March 14th at or 988.7124 for more information. There is no charge to attend this event. Support for this event also provided by English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Programs.

ESL Teacher Certificate Program (ESL TCP)

  We have had a busy winter in the ESL Teacher Certificate Program! We are now delivering course content in three modes: full-time days, part-time evenings, and online. The second term of the online program is nearing completion, and so far it has been very successful. Our next online session will begin April 11th. We are excited to continue piloting these new courses! The part-time spring session will also begin during the week of April 11th, with all four courses being offered during the term. In addition the full-time spring program will begin on May 2nd, and run through to June 11th. Finally, given the success of our previous summer intensive program, we will be offering this option again this year from July 4th - July 29th.

If you would like to download an ESL TCP application form, please click here. If you have any questions about upcoming programs, please contact Program Coordinator Kaleigh Quinn at 789.1484 or Head Instructor Nigel Dixon at or 789.1485

The Global Welcome Centre for Immigrants and Refugees

We all struggle with winter, but immigrants from warmer climates often find it especially challenging to adapt! However, they quickly learn strategies that help them adjust to our harsh Canadian winters. Aside from dressing appropriately and enjoying outdoor activities, delicious comfort food can really feed the mind, body and soul during the winter months! Miranda Santolini, The Coordinator at The Global Welcome Centre, would like to share one of her comfort food recipes with you to help shake your winter blues! Perhaps you recognize this dish from your native country?

Delicious Shepherd's Pie

  Shepherd's Pie, which originally came from the United Kingdom, was originally called "Cottage Pie." It was served with slices of potato, instead of mashed potatoes, layered over the meat filling which, when cooked, looked like the tiles of a cottage roof. Variations of this dish are found all over the world!
  • In Ireland the dish is commonly called shepherd's pie even when containing beef.
  • In Scotland a crofters' pie is similar but the crust is made of both mashed potato and mashed "neeps" (Swede).
  • In the United States a similar dish is called cowboy pie.
  • In New England the most common recipe for shepherd's pie consists of ground beef, kernel corn, mashed potatoes, and cream of mushroom soup.
  • In Quebec, a similar dish is called pâté chinois (literally, "Chinese pie").
  • In France, a similar dish is called hachis parmentier.
  • A vegetarian version can be made using soya or other meat substitutes (like tofu), or legumes such as lentils or chick peas.
  • In Jordan, Syria and Lebanon a similar dish is referred to as "Siniyet Batata" (literally meaning a plate of potatoes), or "kibbet batata".
  • In Russia, a similar dish is called "" (Kartofel'naya zapekanka, or "potato baked pudding").
  • A similar British dish made with fish is a fish pie.
  • In Chile a similar dish is called pastel de papa (potato pie).
  • In Argentina a similar dish is called pastel de carne (meat pie)
  • In the Dominican Republic this is called pastelón de papa (potato casserole). It has a layer of potatoes, one or two of meat, and another of potatoes, topped with a layer of cheese.

4 large potatoes, peeled and cubed
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon finely chopped onion
1/4 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 onion, chopped
1 pound lean ground beef
  2 carrots, chopped
1/2 cup peas
1/2 cup corn
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon ketchup
3/4 cup beef broth
1/4 cup shredded Cheddar cheese

How to make it:
  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C.)
  • Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add potatoes and cook until tender but still firm, about 15 minutes. Drain and mash. Mix in butter, finely chopped onion and 1/4 cup shredded cheese. Season with salt and pepper to taste then set aside.
  • Heat oil in a large frying pan. Add onion and cook until clear. Add ground beef and cook until well browned. Add carrots, corn, and peas. Cook for 5 minutes. Pour off excess fat, then stir in flour and cook 1 minute. Add ketchup and beef broth. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Spread the ground beef in an even layer on the bottom of a 2 liter or 9x9 inch or 9x13 inch casserole dish. Next, spread a layer of mashed carrots. Top with the mashed potato mixture and sprinkle with remaining shredded cheese.
  • Bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes, or until golden brown.

The Global Welcome Centre assists people who have immigrated to Manitoba to access and integrate successfully into post-secondary educational programs. We work with The University of Winnipeg's faculty, staff, and students, and local high school students and community members. For more information about programming at The Global Welcome Centre, please contact the Miranda Santolini, Coordinator, or Tari Muvingi, Centre Assistant at or 258.2946

* The Global Welcome Centre is sponsored by the Manitoba Immigrant Integration Program, which is funded by Citizenship & Immigration Canada, and Labour & Immigration Manitoba. All programs offered through The Global Welcome Centre are fully funded for landed immigrants and naturalized citizens.

Winter Intensive English Program 2011

4-Week Winter Intensive English Program

This year, nine students from South Korea and one from Columbia participated in our 4- Week Winter Intensive Program during the month of January. These students experienced Canadian culture through a variety of socio-cultural activities and Canadian Culture workshops and they braved the cold! A job well done!

7-Week Winter Intensive English Program: Canadian Work Experience

The Canadian Work Experience Program is an internship program that allows students to gain valuable work experience while studying in The ELP. In our first ever instalment, nineteen students participated in a variety of workplaces in and around the university. Through their placement, students had the opportunity to speak English in a business setting while gaining valuable work experience. They were introduced to the Canadian workplace through seminar classes that covered a variety of topics, including 'How to work well in Canada,' 'Interview Skills,' 'Projecting a Professional Image,' and 'Getting along with your Co-workers.'

Summer Intensive English Programs 2011

Summer is still a few months away, but we have already begun planning our summer intensive English programs. Please check out the starts dates below and see our website for more information

Explore/June Intensive - May 30th - June 30th, 2011
July Intensive - July 4th - July 29th, 2011
August Intensive - August 8th - September 2nd, 2011

If you would like to download an application for our summer programs, please click here. For additional information please contact Rory Brett at or 988.7199.

Socio-Cultural News

Let the fun continue! Each term, students in the ELP are encouraged to experience the wonders of Winnipeg. Even though it has been cold outside, that hasn't stopped them from making the most of their time in Canada. This winter term, an exciting schedule of socio-cultural activities has been planned! These activities provide students with the opportunity to meet new friends and practice their English communication skills in a relaxed environment while experiencing all that Winnipeg has to offer!

We began the term this January with our socio-cultural 'winter wonderland' orientation, which included a visit to the Legislative Building, St. Boniface Conservatory and Assiniboine Park. Since then, students have cheered their hearts out at a Manitoba Moose hockey game, learned to curl, and have eaten pea soup and meat pie at The Festival du Voyageur! Many students also went tobogganing for the first time (in 10 cm of freshly fallen snow no less)!

Students also had the opportunity to share their cultures at The International Dinner, which was held on February 3rd. This romantic event welcomed over 160 students, staff, homestay members and language partners. Performances by DiWen Su and WeiSheng (both from China) got the crowd on their feet! Eunji, (from Korea) kept the momentum going with a very entertaining presentation about Korean New Year! The night ended with Mohammad singing traditional songs from Saudi Arabia while others danced and cheered!

In addition to the amazing performances at The International Dinner, students were asked to prepare and share traditional food from their native countries. Dishes included Haitian rice, tamagoyaki, and empanadas! If you were at the potluck, then you might have tasted Kuan-Ting and Kuan-Chen's delicious braised pork with rice. If you didn't get the chance, try their recipe below and you won't be disappointed!

Braised Pork with Rice

How to make it:
  • Cut pork into small piece (or buy ground pork)
  • Put pork in a bowl with rice wine and mix
  • Put it in to frying pan for a few minutes
  • Put cut red onion (or garlic), some pepper, soy sauce (don't put too much soy sauce, just let it have color)
  • Put everything in the slow cooker and pour water (just cover meat only). Put in sugar (1or 2 tsp.). You can add star anise(only 1or 2)
  • Taste it and pour more soy sauce (let it taste salty). You can put some salt (if you want)
  • Let it cook in slow cooker for 2 or 3 hours and enjoy.
*This dish doesn't have a formal way to cook, so cook it any way you want.

*You can put pork intestines, pork stomach, pig ear and pig skin in this dish. (Whatever you like).

ELP on Facebook

If you are not already a member of this group you should be! There are photos updated regularly and you can keep in touch with old friends. You might be surprised to see someone online that you haven't talked to you in a while! Please add your stories, experiences, and photos. Click on the link below to view the site:

  Click here to join ELP on Facebook

Homestay Program

Home is where you hang your hat! Being part of The Homestay Program means that you are a part of a Canadian family. The Homestay Program is also a beneficial learning experience which gives ELP students an opportunity to use the tools they learn in class to interact in a friendly and natural English environment. Students have the chance to be involved in everyday routines and experience Canadian life in a natural and relaxed setting. Being a part of a homestay family not only helps students improve their English skills, it also enables them to adapt quickly to life in Winnipeg and develop a better understanding of Canadian culture. In addition, students and families often develop long-lasting friendships!

The Klassens have been a homestay family for UW for eight years and counting...Please read about their experience as a host family below!

The Klassens

We have really enjoyed being a homestay family for the past eight years! We occasionally lose count of the number of students we have had come to live with, but we estimate our total to be 15 students to date! While every one of them has been an interesting experience for us, several have truly become "family." I'd like to share some of the enjoyable experiences we have had with our homestay students.

Santiago, a 17-year old boy from Mexico was here to study Grade 11 at the Collegiate. He arrived in late August together with his father and younger brother. The three of them had booked a hotel for a week, dad wanting to make sure that his son was well settled and had a good home to go to. We had the three of them over for dinner before the official homestay date and it was amusing to us how polite and courteous this young man was. Of course, with dad around we thought he was just trying to be good, but even after he was still so thoughtful, courteous, and helpful! Other homestay students we have had from Mexico have been Beatriz, Tanya and Teresa. Nuestro español es mucho mejor ahora!

We have also hosted some young women from Japan. They have been university-aged, or older students in the intensive English program here to study English so that they could improve their chances for certain jobs back home. I wish Heini, Hikaru, Anjyo, Ikuko, and Megumi were all my daughters! What a treat to have had them with us. One was for only three months, but the others stayed for more than a year.

Most of the students who come to stay with us develop friendships with other schoolmates and go out to visit with them frequently. However, almost all also took their English studies very seriously. It's always nice in the first few weeks of meeting a new homestay student to see them gradually get brave enough to take us up on our offer to help them with homework. Many of the more conscientious studiers have also told us that the reason they came to Winnipeg instead of Toronto or Vancouver was because they didn't want to go to a place where they would be tempted to use their first language. In addition, the reason they wanted a homestay was so that they would have a chance to practice English outside of class. One thing to note here about students from Asia: while it is true that it is common to eat rice every day, rice pudding is, and I quote, "not acceptable!" Quite funny the reaction we've had on this...very polite of course, but just what the heck we are doing with that rice!

We have also had wonderful experiences with summer Quebec students Sabrina, Nazemse, and Adriana. Sabrina enjoyed coming to the lake with us this year, and also made good friends with Heini, our longer-term student from Japan. Last year Naz had been with us for a few weeks when he heard from his mom in Burkina Faso that she was going to Quebec to see his sister and wondered if he could invite her to Winnipeg for a few days. It was fantastic to host Naz's mom. Rhian spent a fair amount of time with her in the kitchen learning some delicious West African recipes and trying desperately to recall any French still hanging around from high school days.

Our own two kids, who are now of university age, have really enjoyed getting to know many homestay students and I think their lives have been hugely impacted for the better by seeing outside of our little North American box. Our daughter has had the opportunity to travel to Japan to visit Megumi and Ikuko and was graciously welcomed by their families in Kyoto and Osaka. Anjyo will be coming back this summer for her third return visit, and we hope to keep this connection for life. My wife and I were thinking last year that it might be time to downsize to a smaller home now that our own kids have moved out, but we like the homestay students too much...and with 15 ( and counting) family members now out there, I think we'll just keep filling it up with new homestay students from abroad.

For more information on how to become a homestay family please contact Adriana Glikman, Homestay Coordinator, at or 982.6631. Visit to read more!

McFeetors Hall (UW Residence)

McFeetors Hall is one of our newest buildings, having been competed in August, 2009. It offers modern, air-conditioned dorm-style units, as well as the unique option of family housing for those pursuing a university education and raising a family. McFeetors Hall residents have access to common entertainment/lounge areas, study areas, and laundry facilities. For more information, please see their website at  

Language Partner Program

The Language Partner Program offers ELP students an opportunity to make a Canadian friend while practicing their English conversation skills outside of a classroom environment. It also provides both members with a chance to share their cultural backgrounds and experiences. During the winter term, 30 students were matched with volunteer language partners. Read about our former student, Itzel's experience with her language partner!

Itzel's Story

Three months ago, I came here with fear because my English wasn't very good. But since the first day in Winnipeg, I met very good people; they have been helping me to improve and practice my English every day and I feel really grateful to all. But I want to talk specifically about one of them. She is my language partner, Darlene. I want to thank her for everything she has done for me in this time.

First of all, she is a very busy person, she always has "crazy busy weeks" an expression she taught me. She volunteers in different places such as MTYP Manitoba Theater for Young People, she tutors four people, she has a job, and besides all of these, she has time to be my language partner and spend time with me, at least one hour a week, but actually we spent three or four hours every meeting. For all of these I really want to thank you Darlene, because I know that you did this with all your heart and I lived great moments with you. Every day that we spent together I learned many new words, and you always corrected me when I was wrong and helped me to say it in the correct way. I noticed that I speak better and more confidently when I'm with you, and I don't know why, but it's true; so thank you, because you were always encouraging me to be better, and to not be afraid to speak, because if it's wrong, it's wrong, and who cares? That's why I'm here.

Besides your help to improve my English, our meetings were really fun and different. First of all, I was a volunteer, in the MTYP as you too, and it was a really good experience to work there, and also the people were very kind. Another experience is that I never ate Thai Food before, and we went together to try, some times, and not too spicy, I'm Mexican, but I'm not so good with spicy food, so just level 3, not like you 8 or 9 sometimes, it's too spicy for me. Only with you I went to the Art Gallery for free, thank you-I saved money. Oh thank you for all your advice about Winnipeg, the weather, clothes to wear, places to go; thank you for trusting in me as a friend and talking about many topics, just thanks for opening your heart to me;, I'm really glad to have met you here in Winnipeg. I really appreciate all that you have done for me, since you taught me more English, as a language partner and as a friend, and for all of our meetings. Thank you so much Darlene, and my best wishes always!

If YOU would like to be a language partner, please contact Terena Caryk, Student Life Coordinator at or 982.1151. Visit for more information.

ELP Volunteer Program

Each term students in the ELP have the option to volunteer their time at organizations in Winnipeg. Students can choose a volunteer position based on their interests and on community needs. In the past, students have volunteered with the homeless, with the elderly and with animals at an animal shelter. Last term over 15 students were placed in volunteer agencies, including Siloam Mission, Golden Links Lodge, and Pregnancy & Family Support Services.

If YOU would like to have more information on The Volunteer Program at UW, please contact Terena Caryk, Student Life Coorindator at or 982.1151. Visit for more information.

Important Dates to Remember

  April 21
Winter Term Graduation

April 22 - Good Friday
(University is closed)

May 10
Spring/Summer Session begins

Your English Language Program Team:

Tammy Sigurdur- Director 204.982.1160

Jessica Burleson- Academic Coordinator 204.982.1162

Karin Krueger- Academic Program Assistant 204.982.1163

Eriko Isobe-Smith-Instructor & ELP Assistant 204.795.8933

Rory Brett-Instructor & Short-Term Program Coordinator 204.479.7371

Wendy Abendschoen- Business Manager 204.982.1171

Carey Roess- Business Assistant 204.982.1703

Ingrid Willey-Registration Manager 204.982.1702

Julie Sakuta- IT Bridge Program Coordinator 204.988.7124

Liz Choi- ESP Coordinator 204.982.6636

Kaleigh Quinn-ESL TCP Coordinator 204.789.1484

Nigel Dixon-ESL TCP Instructor 204.789.1485

Nadya Alahakoon ESP & TCP Assistant 204.982.1818

Terena Caryk- ELP Student Life Coordinator 204.982.1151

Adriana Glikman- Homestay Coordinator 204.982.6631

Miranda Santolini-Global Welcome Centre Coordinator 204.258-2929

Tari Muvingi-Global Welcome Centre Assistant 204.258.2946

We hope you have enjoyed reading our e-newsletter! If you have an article or story you would like to share, please contact Terena Caryk, ELP Student Life Coordinator at or 204.982.1151


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