Wolf Creek Golf Resort
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January 2012

Starting this year we will be incorporating some new online booking engines with our software company Active. The first system will be the online event system which will allow certain corporate events to book entries in advance and keep data on the status of the event. This will be of great help with our member events along with growing number of charity tournaments. We will have more to release on this system as we go through the testing stage.

Also being implemented by our software company will be our pay in advance system. This allows guests to guarantee tee-times well in advance through a secure payment plan. This system has become very popular in the US and we are looking forward to implementing it to our Resort.

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New Staff Changes for 2012!

There will be considerable changes in our organization this year, after over 28 years as Superintendent Rick David will be stepping down from his position. We thank Rick for all his dedication to Wolf Creek over the years and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Coming in as the new superintendent will be Mike Stewart who will be returning after 8 years working at various superintendent jobs throughout the province, most notably at Lacombe Golf and Country Club in 2011. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to Wolf Creek and as a previous Asst. Superintendent at Wolf Creek it is a welcome back home!

Also returning after several years is Rochelle Baril as our Food and Beverage Manager. Rochelle had originally retired and moved to Kamloops. Finding retired life not to her liking and missing Alberta she is now moving back in the spring. This will be a huge asset to Wolf Creek as Rochelle was instrumental in creating and running our Food and Beverage operation for many years. She will bring a wealth of knowledge that will help improve and elevate the clubhouse operations.

Operational Changes with Cart Path routings!!!

For many years we have taken a stance on restricted cart path use for our golf course. This has come with mixed reviews from our golfers especially those that ride golf cars. In response to this we will start to take down some of the ropes and rails on certain areas of the golf course. This will be an ongoing process that will depend on weather and turf conditions. However you will see an immediate difference on certain holes especially on the Links golf course. Though we feel it will make our customers happier we still will need to monitor how the carts are being used on the course. With a high degree of native areas it is important to keep vehicles off the dunes and on the paths or fairways. The 90 degree rule is always a good approach to maintain as it will limit the cart damage to certain areas especially tight areas that are always prevalent in Wolf Creek. Our goal is to make a more enjoyable day for the golfer however superior fairway turf has always been a hallmark of wolf creek, our course marshals will be more diligent in the future as we transform to a more lenient cart management system.

Villages have another Three homes going In!!!

Conceptual of new Villa going in this spring!

Another villa will be going in this spring along with two new homes behind #12 green in Phase 3. It will be nice to see some homes by the lake and take advantage of the great view going down #12 fairways. I have been talking to several other lot owners many are itching to build as soon as they can sell their home. I think the economy is slowly coming back so we are looking forward to more movement in 2012. The Village is a great lifestyle having the advantage of country living with big city amenities.

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