How do I build a permission based email database?

MyClients Digital Marketing will provide you with an online signup form that you can link to or embed on your website, allowing visitors to sign up for your newsletter through a double-opt-in process. A sample of this link can be found at The Press Gallery and a data capture card for retail counters and trade shows, we have your database creation tools taken care of.

What other tools can I use to build my permission based email database?

As part of your setup fee, MyClients Digital Marketing will create a data capture card design that you can either print yourself, or use our print supplier to print for you. These data capture cards can be used at your retail locations or at trade shows and special events. MyClients can also design and host a contest landing page for $350.00 to have your prospects and customers enter a contest to build your data base. Two samples of our contest landing pages are at Battle of Alberta Contest and Garth Brooks Contest.

Do I own my database?

MyClients Digital Marketing hosts your permission based email database for broadcast purposes only. We do not share, rent or use your database for any other purpose than to send out your email messages to your customers and prospects. Upon request MyClients Digital Marketing can send you a copy of your database within 48 hours.

What is the difference between the $250.00 a month Professional Subscription and the $150 a month Standard Subscription?

MyClients Digital Marketing subscribers for the most part use the Professional Model which includes the use of our team of professional designers to create and broadcast your monthly newsletters to your database. As part of the $250.00 a month subscription you will be able to send out up to two professionally designed newsletters a month to the people on your database.

The MyClients Digital Marketing Standard Subscription is ideal for clients who have internal graphic designers or who want to send out multiple newsletters over the course of a month to their database in a time sensitive manner. Standard subscription clients are allowed up to 2 emails per month for the $150.00 subscription.

How do I add digital photos to my newsletter?

MyClients Digital Marketing sources photos where our clients can select one to two photos per newsletter to add to their newsletters. You can also upload your own digital photos from your computer when using our Support Request Form.

How long should my newsletter be in terms of content?

MyClients Digital Marketing recommends that we discuss your target market.  This is the age of digital communications and younger audiences view their material differently than older.  Typically a newsletter be between a letter and legal sized document, to use reference to a non-digital format, is fine but the use of shorter slugs or bulleted points always helps. Essentially, you can make a newsletter as long as you want, but in order to prevent too much scrolling you can add table-of-contents links at the top of your newsletter so users can jump to your various sections.

What is the turn around time from submission of my content to broadcast time?

MyClients Digital Marketing has a large number of clients and hence we are unable to forecast on any day how many Support Requests will be coming in, but for the most part we are able to handle your Support Requests within 24 to 48 hours. If your newsletter is continually time sensitive we can create a do-it-yourself template and you can create and broadcast your own newsletter within a couple of hours through the MyClients Digital Marketing program manager.

What do I get for my $500.00 setup fee?

MyClients Digital Marketing will create for your company the most important part of marketing today which is your database, along with a custom newsletter design that can match your website look and brand, or create something new based upon your submission of logos & digital photos. We will also create a web-based signup form for your website so web visitors can sign up, and we will design a data capture card for you to use at retail counters & trade shows. We then import your existing customer base (if available, preferred format is comma delimited format) and create your account area which houses all of your newsletter archives, databases, and statistical information (opens, bounces, and unsubscribes).

Why can’t I just send out emails through my office/home computer and save myself some money?

MyClients Digital Marketing has a solid long term reputation with the various Internet Service Providers as a white listed trusted source of outgoing emails. Your individual ISP account will not allow you to send out more than 50 to 100 emails at a time, and they will not be HTML based which means that your file will bog down the process and not look professional... and you will have no way to handle the bounded emails. With the new Federal Government Anti–Spam legislation you will also be potentially liable for fines and penalties as your recipients will not have the ability to unsubscribe from your email broadcasts. With our services, you will have access to detailed statistics on open rates, click-through rates, etc. which is another thing that you won't get when attempting to do this your self.

Why should I chose MyClients Digital Marketing when I can find a cheaper email broadcast tool like Constant Contact?

MyClients Digital Marketing is a Canadian based company that strictly adheres to Canadian laws and regulations concerning Anti–Spam and privacy legislation. Our servers are based in Canada and our staff are all based in Canada so you will not have to deal with a call centre in a foreign country should you have any questions about your account and services. If all you are looking for a way to send out emails, then we can offer you that service at a similar price point. However if you are looking to grow your business, develop your permission based email database, increase sales, and have one-on-one personalized access to a team of professional graphic designers and IT professionals, then we suggest talking to us first.

How can I get a quote for my email marketing program?

Please contact the President of MyClients Digital Marketing - Peter Koziol anytime, or call him at (780) 932-1162 and he will get back to you within 24 hours.

How long is my contract with MyClients Digital Marketing once I sign my service agreement?

Your contract with MyClients Digital Marketing is a month-to-month contract and can be cancelled with 30 days notice in writing. Your database will be returned to you within seven days of notification.